About Tierra De España

We'd rather compete on quality than on price....

A distinctive, Spanish flavor.

After living in Spain for 20 years, the company's founder, Miguel Vecin, moved back to the Philippines. And it was there that he decided to start a business of importing Spanish goods and selling them in the Philippine market.

It didnt take long for the start up business to take off, and by gathering friends who shared the same passion for great food, plans to formalize the small business soon took hold.

In March of 2005, Tierra de Espana, Inc. was born.

At it's core, Tierra imports a wide selection of superior-quality Spanish food products directly from Spain. But it also locally manufactures its own Spanish chorizo sausages: Chorizo De Bilbao and Chistorra. These items are made from only the best cuts of meat as well as spices and ingredients also brought in straight from Spain to ensure quality and consistency.

And lately, the Tierra Group has also started investing heavily in putting traditional Spanish cuisine at the forefront of it's tapas bars, pop up food stalls, and soon to open fine dining restaurant.

Miguel Vecin Tierra De Espana